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• Plastic flanges designed for most vials.
• Plastic flanges are available for all 3/8'' (.374'') diameter vials. The vial snaps into the flange with a ''push-fit''.
  Flanges are made of extruded plastic with the exception of the 0224 and 0150. The 0224 and 0150 are injection molded.

Flange Dimensions:
Width: .502''
Height: .338''
Length: variable, to match vial length

Understanding Level Vial Sensitivity
When considering level vial sensitivity it is important to know that sensitivity does not reflect the accuracy of a level vial. A highly sensitive vial can be inaccurate and an accurate vial can have low sensitivity. An accurate level vial will read level when in a level position.

Vial sensitivity describes how easily the level vial bubble moves when shifted from its level position to an unlevel position. Bubble movement is determined by the surface inside the vial.

Sensitivity is measured in minutes and seconds. Minutes are a fraction of a degree (or angle). There are 60 minutes in one degree. This means that 1/2° is equal to 30 minutes. Sensitivity is defined as the angle the level needs to rotate to get the bubble to move 1/10th of an inch. For example, for a 20 minute vial the level must tip 20 minutes or 1/3° to move the bubble 1/10th'' or 0.1''. A more sensitive 9 minute level vial only needs to be tipped 9 minutes or 9/60° to move the bubble 1/10th'' or 0.1''.

With a circular level, a 2/3° pitch will yield approximately 1/10'' or 2.5mm bubble movement.

A highly sensitive level vial will allow you to detect very subtle changes, which may or may not be important depending on the type of work you are doing. The real life application is that a highly sensitive vial is not good for use in general carpentry; it would take the carpenter a long time to level or plumb his work. When setting machinery or test surfaces, a highly sensitive vial is necessary to create a more precise level position.
    • 1919
    • 1922
      Adjustable level
      invented by Empire
    • 1935
      First torpedo level
    • 1956
      Empire introduces
      Extruded Aluminum levels
    • 1965
      Empire invents the
      Magnetic level
    • 1967
      Mono Vial
      the industry
    • 1978
      Empire develops
      Polycast® levels
    • 1994
      Titan Box level
      is introduced
    • 2004
      Empire introduces
      True Blue®
    • 2005
      e70 is
    • 2006
      em71 is
    • 2007
      e50 is
    • 2009
      True Blue® e100
      is introduced
    • 2013
      True Blue® Second Generation e2G Introduced