Preferred by carpenters, masons and tile setters,
these levels are great for rugged everyday use.
  • ''Like the way it looked and if the level holds up, I'll buy a 4ft and a 6ft.'' Edwin P., FL
  • ''Your levels are above any other level.'' Steven D., FL
  • ''I have several Empire levels. I gave my old 24 inch I-beam to my son and bought this one. I love all of my Empire products. They work hard for me, and always deliver.'' Charles S., WI
  • ''Muy buenos com pre el set de tres niveles grandiosos.'' Jorge J., NJ
  • ''I like the ergo magnetics and accuracy. Thank you.'' Rich W., NJ
  • ''Nice level and like your warranty. I decided to get the 4 ft.'' Gregory L., AL
  • ''Everyone at work is jealous of my new level.'' Patrick S., OR
  • ''I like their levels, and always have.'' Kirk S., TN
  • ''So far, I love this level!'' Jeff W., CA
  • ''Empire is simply the best! The elevator industry has extremely tight tolerances, so Empire levels help us achieve those tolerances!!!! Thank you for great products!!'' Randall L., GA
  • ''Easy to read, durable, great levels and squares.'' Benjamin D., AL
  • ''I like the the highlighted bubble. Makes it easy to read when fabricating my race cars.'' George W., IN
  • ''I like the online registration.'' Bob C., ID
  • ''Blue vials easy to read.'' Douglas M., NY
  • ''I like the level.'' Brad W., ID
  • ''Bloody good sturdy level.'' Marty I., AL
  • ''Very comparable to Stabila. Quality is very important to me.'' Len N., CA
  • ''I like the inches per foot of fall in my old 4' level. Love the blue anodized color.'' Ryan A., NC
  • ''So far, so good. I have the serial number engraved into my new level with my initials. Looks good and I like the rubber protective pieces on it.'' Ronnie H., AZ
  • ''These are the best levels I have found! So when it came time to replace my old level, I bought a set of three Empires.'' Will M., AZ
  • ''The one product/level that I have is superb.'' John T., Canada
  • ''The best level available for any money! Have and will continue to recommend your products to everyone!'' David S., FL
  • ''Excellent Level, love the intense magnetic grip, as we do all metal framing. I purchased the 24'' version this morning!'' Matthew B., HI
  • ''I love the levels they are so easy to read and they have a very comfortable feel.'' Sam A., GA
  • ''Excellent level, will buy more.'' John L., TX
  • ''I love my levels. I have owned quite a few of them and the ''Empire True Blue'' is by far the most accurate & durable level I have ever owned. Thank You.'' Brian K., SD
  • ''I purchased the 4ft level, have had it for over a year, still accurate. Very good product.'' Phillip L., MD
  • ''These levels are quite possibly the best levels ever developed!'' Ross J., AL
  • ''Great looking level. I was impressed by the trueness of the level. I feel it will be a great asset in setting up my shop equipment and for checking flatness of table tops.'' Dave R., AL
  • ''I was sold on the warranty.'' Karl S., MI
  • ''Very accurate and strong.'' Drew S., AL
  • ''Great level-like the rubber bits to stop it sliding around.'' Anonymous, AL
  • ''I was going to sleep with it, but my wife wouldn't let me.'' Peter F., AL
  • ''Used the level and liked it. It's now a piece of jewelry in my tool box.'' Dennis L., WI
  • ''Great level, I like how light it is.'' Mike K., IA
  • ''This is my second true blue level and I love it. The first one fell 20ft and the magnet fell out. I called the 800 number and Empire sent me a new one, that was cool.'' Greg C., CA
  • ''Great level!'' Luke B., AL
  • ''I think the true blue makes it way easier to read, which is great.'' Kyle H., MI
  • ''This is a great level.'' Harry R., OR
  • ''This is a beautifully made, solid level. I chose this over more expensive and supposidly ''better'' levels.'' David B., MA
  • ''I really like the Empire levels. Please keep up the great products!!!'' Joseph N., NY
  • ''They are a good product and work exceptionaly well with steel framing.'' Erik G., PA
  • ''Great looking levels/top-notch performance.'' Andrew A., GA
  • ''Very accurate leveling.'' Thomas B., AL
  • ''Very nice product. Will now buy a 2 foot and 6 foot level.'' Ken M., IL
  • ''It was time to treat myself to the best level in the industry.'' William W., IA
  • ''It was the only level at HD that was actually accurate.'' Richard C., VA
  • ''It is a great level. I love it.'' Scott H., WA
  • ''Very good product. Good balance. Easy to handle.'' Pat B., TX
  • ''Great looking levels/top-notch performance.'' Roger M., UT
  • ''Is very good by the lifetime warranty.'' Juan L., VA
  • ''Have a few levels and so far they work great.'' John D., NJ
  • ''Your products are absolutely outstanding. I will never use another speed square or level made by another company, your quality is on an entirely different level.'' Jeff T., CT
  • ''Have 2 squares and now a level. All of your products have proved to meet my needs, plus. I will always purchase your items. Thanks!'' Ben S., IL
  • ''Your product is great! it is always very acurate and it just flat out looks cool. I am very happy with it as I always have used your levels. I have 5 of them!'' William T., MA
  • ''Hanging cabinets and doors on renovation, it works well.'' Jerald L., D.C.
  • ''Your levels are the best I have ever used, and I love the lifetime warranty!'' Tyler M., FL
  • ''You make a fantastic level. Keep up the Great work.'' Starr M., NV
  • ''I've worked construction and landscape projects for 30 years and have always used your products for leveling and squaring, they have always done the job well.'' Douglas I., NY
  • ''We purchased a dozen or more of your levels for our men. They love them.'' Tony S., TN
  • ''Have one that's been around 4 years and running.'' Jason W., CA
  • ''It is the best level I've had in my 13 years in construction.'' Maarco Q., CA
  • ''Awesome Levels'' Al F., OR
  • ''I have been hanging doors for 30 years and have always used them. (Gotta trust your level!) Thanks!'' Mike H., CA
  • ''I have a 2' and really like it a lot, so I bought a 4'today. Next will be the 6' for hanging doors.'' Gary S., KS
  • ''Amazing level! Very comfortable to use!'' Ron C., WI
  • ''I have 3 Empire levels now and would recommend them to everyone.'' Grant C., AL
  • ''Love the magnetic feature and the color blue, rocks.'' Don R., SD
  • ''A piece of art. Works great and makes me look good on the job.'' Jeff P., FL
  • ''I had no idea such a quality level was made. I thought a level was a level.'' William S., MI
  • ''Love the lifetime warranty and a very cool looking level.'' Brett D., AL
  • ''A great company. Thank you for warranty replacement 72 inch level. I will definitely purchase more of your great products. Thank you again.'' Chris S., PA
  • ''I choose this product because of its robust construction, guaranteed accuracy and price.'' Peter S., AK
  • ''Love it! This is my 2nd. First one was lost on the job. I think it got walled up. it will be a find for somebody.'' Chuck S., CT
  • ''Beautiful levels.'' Kenneth C., AZ
  • ''I have only used Empire levels back from when I was an apprentice all through the years and even now that I am a framing contractor, I continue to only purchase Empire levels.'' Anonymous, CA
  • ''Love your lifetime warranty. Hope to never have to use it. It feels well made.'' David C., IN
  • ''Best spirit levels by far.'' Jeremy S., AL
  • ''I like it, easy to read, light weight and the blue color is cool, too.'' Ron J., IL
  • ''Nice level.'' Jack C., MT
  • ''Best looking in it's class.'' Charles W., CA
  • ''I like it and Ilike the strength of the magnet.'' Robert B., AZ
  • ''Nice design.'' John P., OH
  • ''Best levels I've ever used.'' Andrew S., AL
  • ''My most trusted piece of kit, very robust and a pleasure to use.'' Drew G., AL
  • ''Best level on the market. Thanks.'' Luke W., AL
  • ''My last level lasted well over 45 years. This one will most likely out last me.'' Jimmy A., OR
  • ''Best level I have ever found in 35 years as a carpenter.'' Larry C., BC, Canada
  • ''I have three Empire levels and enjoy using them very much. They make my job a lot easier, and I am very happy to have them in my tool collection.'' Bruce C., MO
  • ''My e70 is fantastic and probably ''is'' my favorite tool.'' Triatian L., TX
callout features
callout features


845 Series Box Level


• Sturdy frame with milled edges
• Ergonomic hand grips
• Solid block acrylic vials won't leak
• 300° top read vial

845-24 24'' Box Level (shown)
845-48 48'' Box Level


600 Series Box Level


• Rigid aluminum box frame with milled edges
• Solid block acrylic vials won't leak
• 300° top read vial

600-24 24'' Box Level (shown)
600-48 48'' Box Level
    • 1919
    • 1922
      Adjustable level
      invented by Empire
    • 1935
      First torpedo level
    • 1956
      Empire introduces
      Extruded Aluminum levels
    • 1965
      Empire invents the
      Magnetic level
    • 1967
      Mono Vial
      the industry
    • 1978
      Empire develops
      Polycast® levels
    • 1994
      Titan Box level
      is introduced
    • 2004
      Empire introduces
      True Blue®
    • 2005
      e70 is
    • 2006
      em71 is
    • 2007
      e50 is
    • 2009
      True Blue® e100
      is introduced
    • 2013
      True Blue® Second Generation e2G Introduced